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It’s my last week in Nairobi, and it’s been a great two months. I really look forward to coming back in December and settling into Nairobi life for 6-7 months while doing my dissertation research. But before I go, I just wanted to send a few digital shout-outs to sites, orgs, and people you should make sure and check out.

  • Mwelu Foundation – A photography and film project with Mathare youth. I’m hoping to spend more time with these guys (and girls) when I return.
  • Nairobi Stories – I met Jeff when visiting Mwelu and was really impressed by his desire to be a journalist. He uses this blog to write stories, post pictures, etc.
  • Togetherness Supreme Blog – All the latest happenings at Hot Sun: visitors, status on the feature film, Togetherness Supreme, etc.
  • Nairobi Now – If you’re spending some time in Nairobi, you’ll love this blog. It posts weekly updates of events, plays, readings, etc. happening in the Nairobi area. When I was bored on a Friday night, this is where I looked first.

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