brian ekdale photoI am an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Iowa.

I study media work within global digital cultures. Most of my academic scholarship examines global digital cultures in Kenya: through a production ethnography of community media in Nairobi’s slums, an examination of Kenya’s music video industry, and a series of co-authored articles about the intersection of digital media and popular politics. In addition, I have participated in collaborative research projects on a variety of topics, including digital journalism, travel influencers, and algorithmic personalization. You can find information about my publication history on Google Scholar and Research Gate.

My teaching prepares students to be better consumers and producers of digital and social media. I also have professional experience as a software trainer, instructional technologist, and video producer.

If you’re interested in anything I do or want to talk about podcasts and television, please contact me via email (brian-ekdale [at] uiowa.edu) or Twitter (@bekdale).